We Have Amazing Abilities

Centric Management and Consulting has evolved from managing daily business for trade associations, to being an innovative association management company whose talents have expanded far beyond administrative needs.  From financial and strategic planning, marketing strategies and campaigns, to education and communications through new media and more, Centric Management and Consulting provides cutting-edge talent to associations in-house.  By staffing talented professionals, Centric Management and Consulting is able to provide next generation service at a cost-effective rate.  Here are some of the many services we offer.

Centric Management and Consulting performs all of the ongoing support functions and operational aspects, allowing clients to receive the full benefit of their membership. This capability begins with a fully equipped headquarters office, from which all client association business is handled.

Membership administration is a key area on which Centric Management and Consulting centers its focus, as it is the life-blood of our client associations. In addition to membership recruitment, Centric Management and Consulting also performs the tasks that accompany it – database management, dues payments, maintenance of a membership roster and response to inquiries.

Financial Management:

Centric Management and Consulting’s accountant maintains all financial accounts and records. This includes management of bank accounts and account reconciliation, invoicing and dues collection, production and distribution of financial reports, and compliance with tax laws.  In accordance with Centric Management and Consulting’s confidentiality clause, all client financial records are held in separate databases, not released to other organizations, and dealt with in an honest and respectful manner.

Technical Resource:
Through a present client association Centric Management and Consulting is able to offer the technical knowledge of architectural glass through our technical staff. This has proved vital to the success of Centric Management and Consulting in conjunction with its client. Together, we are able to offer business services, but also answer specific technical questions in regards to the glass industry.

Publishing & Communications:

Centric Management and Consulting employs its own Marketing and Communications staff that give clients access to strategic marketing planning, membership needs surveys and membership benefit program development. PR announcements, newsletters and flyers, website design and maintenance, and branding are other services available to our clients.

Meetings, Trade Shows and Conventions:

Each member of Centric Management and Consulting team is involved in the different phases of conference management. This ranges from the initial search and proposal to hotels, speaker contracting, publication releases, transportation arrangements, and the remaining on-site management. In addition to conference planning, Centric Management and Consulting also handles all member meetings and Board of Directors meetings. This includes agenda and meeting preparation, logistics, facilitation and proper recording of minutes.

Education Materials, Presentations and Manuals:

Through various client associations, Centric Management and Consulting has expanded it service capabilities to include the production of educational materials. These include video productions, manual creations, and the institution of national design awards for specific industries.  Centric Management and Consulting has also produced more than several technical manuals related to the continuing education requirements of our client associations. In working with Centric Management and Consulting’s technical staff, we are able to publish up-to-date manuals with the most recent changes and trends in the related industry.

Video Production:
Centric Management and Consulting’s video production has resulted in short films available online, such as “The Float Glass Manufacturing Process,” “How Mirrors are Made,” and “How Laminated Glass Is Made with PVB.” All videos are scripted and storyboarded, filmed on location, edited and produced by Centric Management and Consulting’s professional staff at great savings to the client.  The result is a high-quality, professional video.  Click here to see examples of our recent work.

Design Awards:
Centric Management and Consulting has developed and managed an annual design awards competition for members of our client associations. The program encourages interaction between the client and its members, allows designers to experiment with current trends and boosts a products’ public image.  After winners are announced, Centric Management and Consulting’s marketing program puts the winners into local newspapers across the United States, resulting in millions of impressions benefiting the client.