Our Story Is Simple

Centric Management and Consulting (formerly Association Services Corporation) is an innovative association management company. We believe in providing the best possible management for our clients in an innovative, professional and cost-effective way. The management of Centric is directed toward maintaining a highly expert and professional staff, and performing on the cutting edge of the association management industry in terms of services provided.

Centric Management and Consulting values an environment of strong identity where diversity within the association management industry can meet current and future requirements. We believe Centric should be a leader in the industry it serves, striving to develop an open atmosphere of information and awareness. We make the collective interests of our client associations our priority in decision-making, policy-building, and company operations. The service that Centric provides is sensitive and responsive to our clients’ needs and expectations, and effective in achieving desirable outcomes. Finally, we aim to foster a progressive and innovative mentality where professionalism, honesty, and integrity prevail.


The Centric Mission

Deliver expert association management services enabling you to maximize the effectiveness of your organization.


The History of Centric Management and Consulting

Centric Management and Consulting began in 1976 as Association Services Corporation (ASC), providing administrative assistance to its client organizations; and has grown into a single-source provider covering nearly every aspect of an association’s operations.

1976    Association Services Corporation (ASC) was incorporated in Washington, D.C. as a nonprofit corporation
1983    Glazing Industry Code Committee is formed and managed by ASC
1994    Glass Association of North America is formed, merging from three separate associations managed by ASC
1997    Protective Glazing Council is formed and managed by ASC. ASC Licensed in Kansas as a not-for-profit foreign corporation
2001    ASC changed its incorporation to a Kansas for-profit corporation
2006    GANA Educational Foundation is established and managed by ASC for GANA and granted 501c(3) status
2009    KCHP selects ASC as its management company
2010    ASC becomes Centric Management and Consulting
2011    MSHP (Missouri) selects Centric as its management company
2012    MSHP (Maryland) and the Missouri Movers Association select Centric as their management company
2013    CCEKS selects Centric as their management company
2014    MAKO Conference Association and ALSHP selects Centric as their management company; Protective Glazing Council merges into GANA
2015   KSHA selects Centric as their management company