Frequently Asked Questions


Centric Management and Consulting, founded in 1976, is an innovative association management company that oversees the operations of national and international trade and professional associations, primarily within the commercial glass and glazing industry. Our professional employees provide leadership in increasing association membership; marketing our clients internationally to consumers, government, and other industry professionals; creation of educational and technical presentations, manuals and courses; and communications and public relations services.

Centric Management and Consulting has a fixed management fee for each association it manages based on resources used by our clients. The time and resources are tracked and analyzed on a yearly basis. Through this analysis, we can also identify ways to reduce costs so that our clients’ interests are maintained at reasonable rates. The resources used by our clients consist of people, facilities, equipment, and insurances.

Centric Management and Consulting also offers competitive pricing on projects for our clients. These include, but are not limited to, comprehensive marketing and public relations plans; website development and maintenance; database management systems for online web mining; industry specific information in the form of manuals, videos, classes, and continuing education accreditation; and technical test method, safety, and informational bulletins.

Centric Management and Consulting maintains a well developed staff to provide our clients with a variety of services. It also manages and pays all vendors directly, thereby freeing our clients of the responsibility of maintaining staff.Centric Management and Consulting’s greatest expense is employee compensation, followed by office space rent, equipment purchase, legal retention, employee training, insurance, office supplies, professional dues, and subscriptions.

Centric Management and Consulting takes the security and privacy of its client organizations and members very seriously. As a condition of employment, confidentiality agreements are signed by all Centric Management and Consulting employees and are included in all relevant materials released to the public regarding our client organizations.

All client records are maintained in separate databases and information is never shared between clients. All records and assets belonging to our members are maintained with the utmost respect and confidentiality is maintained even if a client decides to terminate their relationship with Centric Management and Consulting.

Client organizations review their agreement with Centric Management and Consulting as part of their annual assessment. It is at this time that the client and Centric Management and Consulting staff note any potential changes or modifications that should be made to the types of services provided.

Centric Management and Consulting manages all personnel and staff matters. If a client organization wishes to change its staff makeup, a request is made to Centric Management and Consulting. Centric Management and Consulting then provides recommendations for a plan of action.

All Centric Management and Consulting staff, unless specifically contracted to serve only one client, can perform the work of any client association. Centric Management and Consulting’s purpose is to provide the most customized services possible to its client organizations. To accomplish this, account executives are assigned based on past experience, expertise, organization habits, other association commitments, and personality to ensure the best fit for both the account executive and client organization.

Centric Management and Consulting welcomes the interest of a potential client organization! The first step a prospective client should take is to complete our Request for Proposal (RFP) form. Upon receipt of the request for proposal, Centric Management and Consulting will contact the potential client to discuss the needs and wants of the organization and what Centric Management and Consulting can do to help the organization’s growth. Finally, Centric Management and Consulting will devise a tailored proposal for the prospective client describing what services it can provide that will work to the full benefit of both parties.